Interview : 21 Vragen season 2 compilation


21 Vragen 2e seizoen compilatie

Heevix, a Dutch photography and film company, who provides photos, video-shoots as well as interviews with artists. Today, on February 20, they released the season compilation from all the season 2 episodes from 21 Vragen.

Heevix is currently preparing the new season from their 21 Vragen series. But in the meantime you can look back at all the funny moments from season 2 in this 21 Vragen season 2 compilation. The following artist show up: Benjayh (from Hashtagdieboys), Opium, MCL, Jhorano (from Hashtagdieboys), Mr. 1095 (from Krakaka), GHQST (from SMIB), Yuki (from Hashtagdieboys), Ser-G (from Impact), Whizz (from Beergang), CRZE, Terra (from Beergang), Uncle C (from Impact), Whitney XCIV, Sondy, Ruski (from Beergang), Jermaine Niffer en LenBulls. Check it out below.

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Beats by : Gianski & Bolle, Killerjantje, Knify, CRZE, Whitney XCIV and LenBulls

21 Vragen - Made by Heevix_2