Video : Craig David – One More Time | @CraigDavid

If you haven’t witnessed the 90’s you first of all missed out on a lot of good stuff just like I did for being a 90’s baby myself, but you also missed out on the time Craig David had everybody going on songs like ‘Feel Me In,’ and several others.

Besides that you are probably also less enthusiastic as I am about the fact that Craig found his mojo back and is delighting us again with his one-of-a-kind mesmerizing voice but you will be enthusiastic about his latest release which set the mood for the months to come.

For the video, David took his uptempo, UK garage vibes back to Miami to party on a rooftop, because if you’re gonna make a re-entry to music, why not return to where it all started and head all the way up to overlooking the sun setting with the Miami skyline at your back.

Steam the video on top and let me know what you think.