Back In Action !!



After numerous obstacles, several attempts to shut me down and overcoming a meltdown, I can finally say that things are back on track ! 

I was almost at the point of no return while having a meltdown after overcoming a lot of problems who appeared all at once trying to convince me to throw in the towel, but luckily I’ve never been a person who gives up on his goals and after a lot of soul-searching and recovery-time, I managed to overcome my demons and get back on track.

Throughout the almost 2 months that I was gone, I tried several times to get back on my feet without any success since I was simply drained of all my energy and couldn’t push myself to the point of straighten my back, to suck it up and move forward but luckily does days seem to be in the past.

I’m feeling good and also in my personal life things are looking brighter then they used to be which got me re-energized and pumped up to get back on track by providing you the best and latest music coming from emerging/indie artists across the globe. But that isn’t everything I’ve been up to these past two months cause even though I wasn’t updating the site, I still was kinda active behind the scenes developing new ways to expand the website and make it even better.


Initially I planned to ‘relaunch’ the website on a new server including a entire new and custom made layout, but unfortunately I couldn’t finish the build in time so this plan is moved forward to January 1st. I’ve also teamed up with @heevix to develop a new YouTube serie which finally came together and is now a work in progress where we are currently filming numerous episodes. And while I was absent here on Moody Without Music, I did manage to continue our monthly radio broadcasting on War Stories Radio, and starting this month I’m planning to do some additional shows besides the 3-hour-broadcasting every last Saturday of the month.

With that being said I think its time to get back on track and focus on providing you the best and latest music from all across the globe, but atleast you’re aware of some nice things approaching fast ! Last but not least I wanna thank every single person who helped me through a rough time and wanna re-welcome everybody who’s part of the Moody Without Music family.