Track : Black EL – EL EL Cool Che | @Black_EL


Earlier this year we had our first encounter with the very talented Boston based emcee Black EL with the release of ‘Take It Slow‘ and today he makes his return with the release of a brand new single called ‘EL EL Cool Che.’

“I grapple with just reminding myself that making music is strictly for my mental stability, and working is for my physical stability,” he told Pigeons & Planes, who premiered the song. “I’m motivated because I know if I don’t create I’m going to get anxiety which will turn into depression. Music and art aren’t a hobby for me, it’s life and it’s something I will do until the day I die. There’s no real motivator besides the fact that I need music to keep me sane, happy and is the best form of therapy I’ve ever had. There’s no better drug.”

He also described a recent turbulent lifestyle, which had him getting fired from a job, moving to multiple places and traveling to London for his first international show.