Track : Electric Wire Hustle – Go Slow | @bastardjazz


Since some of us had a rough night and didn’t had enough sleep, it’s time to just sit back and relax while the New Zealand collective Electric Wire Hustle takes over and tells you to ‘Go Slow’ with their latest single. 

“This song got its start in a session we did with Just Blaze at his studio in Harlem. Him and Young Guru had made the most amazing midi library by sampling keyboard after keyboard, playing it all themselves. He wrote his parts with what are absolutely real instruments, but using midi so that everything is changeable at any point. Well, little ol’ country bumpkin Mara TK here felt like a noble savage given an audience with The King – and shown all types of new technology, wizardry and good food. Later on and back here in New Zealand, one of the illest producers from NZ – an indie genius named James Duncan – sends me a bunch of demos to sing over for his own project. One of these songs has what I would describe as the perfect spine snapping kick and snare; meticulously recorded, microphones setup perfect –  but played in a raw way that gave no fucks whatsoever: Skins broke, mics fell over, drinks knocked back… Anyway I begged him to let me use this kick and snare sound for ‘Go Slow’ as well as his diabolically loud guitar sound which you will hear pleasantly screaming in the background…”

Listen below.