Gossip : Alleged Murderer Of Doe B Out Of Jail?


The sad fact is that Doe B was one of the most promising rappers. He was signed by T.I. He was from Alabama. And he had a very loyal following. He was killed in December of 2013. After he was killed there was a tremendous amount of drama.

His murder was tragic to say the least. Anyway, AllHipHop has unverified sources which told us that Doe B’s accused murderer is out. The police sought to put him away for life, but simply didn’t have the evidence to do it. Remember, Doe B was shot in an infamous Alabama nightclub, known to be unsafe by locals. Some have made it clear that Doe was set up and somebody (aka “security”) let the killer in – allegedly.

Anyway lets not forget Kimberlie Johnson, who was also killed on that fateful night. There were six others that were injured by the fracas. Sadly, these folks may never see justice.

On the music side, our sources are absolutely positive that there will be more Doe B music to come. So, look out for that.