Interview : 21 Vragen with Cho – Bonus Video ( By Heevix )


Heevix, a Dutch photography and film company, who provides photos, video-shoots as well as interviews with artists. Today, on September 8th, they released their latest episode of their series called 21 Vragen, where they ask 21 questions which you normally won’t hear or see in a interview.

Watch a bonus video of the 21 Vragen with Cho here! We had asked so much questions that a bonus video could be made. Do you want to know how it felt to to be part of Straight Outta Control and how that album came about, what the most money is he had in his pocket, which music he listens besides hip hop, what his favorite website is and much more! Check it out below.

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Beat by : KillerJantje

21 Vragen - Made by Heevix_2