Impeccable timing from Toddla T as he drops new song ‘Always’ ahead of Notting Hill Carnival, 2016.

Sweet reggae vibes and the off-beats of the drums bring the Jamaican sunshine, whilst the power and soul coming from the vocals of Andrea Martin and the patois from Silkki Wonda make the record the perfect remedy for even the darkest of summers day.

The Sheffield native has had a year of big productions that have seen his records hit a multitude of radio, Spotify and TV playlists however this is his first self-named Toddla T release via his new label ‘Steeze’.

Ever the visionary, Toddla T’S music has always been heavily influenced by music and culture from around the world, particularly the genres that represent a voice or culture. From the essence and soul of R&B, the energy of grime, the vibes of reggae and dancehall to the excitement of electronic beats, Toddla T productions stand out on a limb for their daring and courageous sounds.  Hosting a stage for both days of the iconic Notting Hill Carnival with his sound system on Sunday 28th and Monday 29th August for the first time ever, ‘Always’ is stark reminder that Toddla T brings the vibes to the speakers as well as the party, and is a perfect taster to a new period in this artists career.