Article #10000 – A Big Thanks To All Of You


If I had noticed this earlier then I did now, I probably wouldn’t had done anything more out of the ordinary then this, which is nothing more then a quick reflection and a big Thank You! to everybody who visit and support the movement. 

This year was the third season on our current hosting which means the platform is still standing but most of all expending after more then four years (we started on a different hosting) in progress which is kind off a special moment for me since the platform is 95% a one-man-army.

Over the years I’ve experienced a lot of ups and downs which mentally was a rollercoaster but I’ve learned a lot from it which made myself as well as the platform even stronger cause even though our social media community still has some growing up to do (expand in numbers), you guys still manage to provide some bread and butter on the table for me with the visits and outside support.

My goal is simple but not yet achieved which means only one thing.. Grinding until I’ve reached it so I can set a even bigger goal, which is why the platform will have some construction-work getting down while making a transfer to a new hosting company which will be done on January 1, 2017.

With that being said I’m gonna end the 10000e article, while thanking you once again for visiting the platform !