Track : Marion Write – 6:50 | @MarionWrite


The talented Las Vegas based artist Marion Write has been very productive eversince his first appearance a month ago and now drops his 4th single while following up last weeks release of ‘Daylight Burns‘ with a inspirational song called ‘6:50.’

“I think every creative can relate to feeling defeated, uninspired, and tired. There’s times in my life where I feel music becomes a distraction from what my true calling could be. But then I realize why I even create. I love this sh*t. Not too long ago I recognized myself falling away from music. I put my effort into somebody else and left the dream all in my head. When that effort forfeited, I lost hope. My cousin, Chris Punsalan, brought me out of that by feeding me new records to write to. That’s why I’ve been able to release so many records consistently. ‘6:50’ was the beginning to this journey, not only does it resemble the start of my day, but the start of a new legacy.”

Listen below.