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Moody Without Music Stream – sponsered by × × Warstories Radio

The Moody Without Music Stream is a monthly event on War Stories Radio,which is brought to you by &, on which you can win gift-bags/prizes, customized beats and will hear music from emerging and independent artists. Make sure to tune in every last Saturday of the month to get a shot on those prices and claim your airplay on the show by sending in your music »here« or via this address.

Next Live Broadcasting :: October 29, 2016
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How it all started..

Last year (2015) I started off with a experimental broadcasting which received a lot of positive feedback but back then I couldn’t keep up a weekly show along with the site itself. This year I gave it another shot and it felt good, and apparently it also sounded good enough because I received a email for a collaborated show up in the States.

This led to ‘Dutch Music Night’ which premiered on the 20th off February 2016 on The Hooda Highlife Show which is part of War Stories Radio, sponsored by & Moody Without Music. Shortly after we decided to join forces from that point on which was the birth of the Moody Without Music Stream at Warstories Radio.