Info : Promo-Options


Besides keeping a eye on the best and latest releases from emerging/indie artist coming from all across the globe, we also provide several promo-options to give artists a boost to lift their music to a higher level and reach a bigger audience. This doesn’t mean that there is a fee for submitting your music, we just wanna provide the highest amount of views for you, since submitting music on Moody Without Music is free !

We still have two steps to go through once you decide to go with a paid promo-option, but since we come across a lot of artists who either don’t have a budget for promo, have bad experiences with previous promo-deals or just don’t wanna spend (a lot) of money on promotion, we’ve decided to offer two different kind of categories.

The difference between low & high promo options :
Its simply divided in two categories, ‘low-budget’, and ‘big budget’ promo options which both come with different beneficial services and both have a minimum (€6 & €15).

  • Going with a ‘low budget’ option includes advertisements throughout our social media channels and extra (for example) Tweets to promote the article & new release.
  • With the ‘big budget’ option you’ve got the same beneficial services, but we also included a press release which will be send out to our entire (growing) network (with currently over 4500+ music related contacts) and will also provide airplay on War Stories Radio.

Our unique selling point :
In contrast to comparable/other promotional services, we on our end spend your entire budget on the promotion of the entry which means that we don’t take a piece of the pie out of the budget.

Why ? Cause we have been on the other side dealing with the same issues along with the disappointed results, we get our fee out of the amounts of monthly views on the website, which makes us quite unique in the industry.