Track : The Urban Renewal Project – Hide | @urpmusic


I just found a huge amount of talent while stumbling upon the 13-piece musical collective The Urban Renewal Project, who are delighting us today for the first time with the release of their new single ‘Hide’ which fuses vintage soul and indie rock with jazz and deep funk beats. 

The Urban Renewal Project is a 13-piece musical collective that brilliantly explores the boundaries between rock, pop, jazz, & hiphop. Led by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist R.W. Enoch, Jr., The Urban Renewal Project creates a signature sound using instruments of a bygone era.

The URP’s most ambitious project to date is their new LP entitled 21st Century Ghost.  The album features nine prolific guest artists (singers, rappers, soloists) in addition to the 13-piece collective and was produced by Neil Wogensen (Valley Queen).  21st Century Ghost was inspired by the profound isolation of this century, confides Enoch, “most of the songs discuss different side-effects of society’s efforts over the last 100 years to build a technology-fueled utopia and the ways in which these efforts, which sought to bring us together, have actually further isolated us.”  The LP perfectly combines catchy melodies, a vibrant brass section and upbeat drums, while still conveying subtly profound and contradictory meaning.  The LP in it’s own way diffuses the loneliness and isolation we all feel by “offering a little bit of something for every music fan inside—soul, disco, hiphop, indie rock, funk, jazz and world fusion,” states Enoch.

Check out their latest single ‘Hide’ below.